Blondies Vegan Kitchen Honolulu Hawaii

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Blondie’s Vegan Brand Egg featured on Signature Sandwich

IronMan Sandwich: Created by an Ironman in training – Honolulu, Hawaii

“ My young child has an esophageal disease and is on a very restrictive diet including soy and egg free. Most egg free scramble alternatives have soy in them. Been keeping my eye out for several years for an egg scramble sub that does not contain soy as my child loves eggs and is sad every time he sees someone eat them. He is also EXTREMELY picky. He LOVES this Vegan Egg scramble!!! Instant success. We are both SO happy! Thank you so much for putting out this product for those who are on very restrictive diets. It tastes just like an egg! Amazing!”

– Verified Amazon Purchase from Wife and Mother

“ The “sausage/ egg” scramble was seasoned to perfection! ”

– Vivian via Yelp

“ Absolutely one of the best vegan restaurants we’ve ever been to! Such a wholesome vibe and everything is made in house. Definitely recommend supporting this women-owned business!”

– Kimberly via Google