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Blondie's Plant-Based Shelf-Stable Chicken

How-To Prepare Blondie's Plant-Based Shelf-Stable Chicken
Prep Time5 mins
Total Time5 mins
Cost: 12.99


  • Large Mixing Bowl
  • Whisk or Fork
  • Air-Tight Container
  • Measuring Cups or Food Scale


  • 1.5 cups Water Equal to 236 grams (Can substitute with veggie broth)


  • Open Blondie's Plant-Based Shelf-Stable Chicken Mix and Pour Entire Contents into Mixing Bowl
    vegan chicken premix made in hawaii with aloha
  • Pour Equal Parts Water (262g or 1.5 cups water) into Mixing Bowl
  • Vigorously Mix Together With a Whisk, Fork or Kneed with Hands until combined
    Blondie's Plant-Based Shelf-Stable Chicken Mixture
  • Transfer Mixture Into Air-Tight Container and Store in Refrigerator


Blondie's Personal Cook-at-Home Tips for Blondie's Vegan Sausage Premix, Blondie's Vegan Chicken Premix and Blondie's Vegan Beef Premix:
  1. There is no fat in our premix so we add heart-healthy oil such as vegetable oil or olive oil to the mixture; we use approximately 3 tablespoons per premix bag at the time of mixing.
  2. Let Rest minimum 20 minutes
  3. With damp hands, form into desired shapes and cook on medium (non-stick cook top, griddle, or pan)
  4. Let Cool and store in an airtight container in the refrigerator
  5. Make meal time quick and easy when all you have to do is reach into the refrigerator for a patty, cutlet, strip or pre-cooked crumbles - reheat and ready to eat.
We lightly season the our premixes so you have the flexibility to infuse whatever flavors you prefer. We'd love to see your food creations. Send us your food pics via IG or email us
Be well and enjoy!

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